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What is webeyeCMS and why do I need it?

Explains the award winning benefits of webeyeCMS and what make is the worlds best cloud monitoring and alarm platform.

webeyeCMS infographic

Easy to understand diagram to explain the benefits of webeyeCMS and to show what makes webeyeCMS unique.

For home owners

The fastest alarm delivery in the domestic market. webeyeassured is our new security solution with incredible benefits and features designed to make it the best system in the residential market.

For shops and small businesses

If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective all-in-one alarm and monitoring system, this 4 page brochure will give you an introduction and benefits of the webeye alarm system DVR.

For the construction industry

If you're involved in construction site security this 4 page brochure will give you an introduction and insight into the benefits of webeye for your sector.

For the utilities industry

If you are involved in the water, gas or electricity industry or any sector where remote site security is a priority, this 4 page brochure will give you an introduction and insight into the benefits of webeye for your industry.

Specially designed for facilities management companies or anyone who needs to control access to properties

The webeye digital access control system (webeyedacs) is an innovative new product designed to offer sophisticated entry code and property management.

For the guarding industry

Whether you operate locally, regionally, nationally or globally you can't afford not to download this 4 page brochure to see how you could multiply your profits.


See how webeyeSOS can increase guarding and lone worker security and webeyeSOS 'track me' can help you monitor staff whereabouts. New and enhanced functions for 2016 include 'mandown' and 'check-in' which improve the already comprehensive safety features.

WebeyeSOS Campus

In light of recent incidents there is even greater importance placed upon campus security and student safety. WebeyeSOS is an ideal tool to monitor the whereabouts of students and staff and offers improved reassurance to the user.

What is webeyeSOS

A brief description of why webeyeSOS is the most reliable choice for guarding and lone worker protection.

For home owners

A 2 page brochure giving a brief introduction and benefits of webeye for domestic use.


A brief introduction to the all-in-one security system integrated with webeye secure alarm delivery.

Webeye and Avigilon

Avigilon high-definition surveillance solutions are now configured into webeyeCMS

Webeye and Videofied for Outdoor Security

VIDEOFIED from Webeye is the ideal solution for outdoor sites

Webeye and Videofied for Vacant Properties

VIDEOFIED from Webeye is the ideal solution for vacant property security

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