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webeyeCMS Platform Status

Service fully available

HISTORY: Past 90 days

This page provides status information on the service status of the webeyeCMS Cloud Platform. Check back here to view the current status of the service.
If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please contact Support. Learn more about what's posted on the dashboard in this FAQ.


The service has a problem and is unavailable, we are working to restore service


The service has a minor problem and has reduced capacity, we are working to restore full service


The service is fully available


The service is undergoing maintenance, there may be short periods of reduced capacity

UPDATES: Past 30 days

Maintenance | 11:07am February 17 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 2 Hours 3 Minutes

The webeyeCMS web-portal is currently undergoing a controlled switch from one data centre to another. During this time all alarms will still be received and processed, and all notifications will be sent immediately. However, you may notice a slight degradation in performance of the portal while this happens. We do not expect this maintenance to take very long and will update this page when it is completed.

Disruption | 18:25pm February 16 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 16 Hours 21 Minutes

We are currently experiencing Livelink connectivity issues with devices connected to Hik connect / P2P. This is is now resolved.

Disruption | 10:48am February 10 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 54 Minutes

We are currently investigating connectivity issues with the webeyeCMS platform.

Maintenance | 11:10am January 31 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 15 Minutes

The webeyeCMS platform is currently undergoing an upgrade. No disruption to service is expected.

Disruption | 10:40am January 29 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 42 Minutes

We are currently investigating connectivity issues with the webeyeCMS platform.

Disruption | 23:30pm January 24 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 1 Hour

We are currently investigating reports of the webeyeCMS platform running slow. UPDATE: We have located the issue causing the site to run periodically slow. Engineers are working on resolving this now. UPDATE: Engineers have implemented a fix and are currently monitoring to ensure the problem does not arise. Thank you for your patience.

Maintenance | 10:13am January 23 2020 (BST) - Resolved after 47 Minutes

The webeyeCMS portal will be undergoing an upgrade at 10:00AM (GMT) today. No disruption to service is expected.

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