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Videofied 4G from Webeye. Increased benefits when purchased from Webeye making it an ideal solution to protect outdoor and vacant sites

Videofied 4G with webeyecms

Webeye is the leading supplier of Videofied 4G because we care about the customer. Our well trained support team are on hand to answer any questions and we’ll even guide you to make sure all components work straight out of the box.

Videofied 4G is ideal to protect remote and harsh environments because all system components operate on batteries, allowing for completely wireless video security. Videofied 4G is the world leader in wireless, self-powered security solutions for commercial, residential and government customers.

Specify Videofied 4G with webeyecms - the world’s most versatile alarm and monitoring platform.

The video verification enabled by Videofied 4G combined with webeyecms’s unique escalation process offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to avoid false alarms and unnecessary dispatch. It is an intelligent system that is robust enough to perform the function of a monitoring station because of the automated alarm receipt, handling and alerting process.

Cost effective and hassle free protection

Videofied 4G's portability means it can be moved around as the project evolves - before potentially being installed months later at a brand new site!

A complete security solution for:
  • Guard enhancement
  • Construction sites
  • Vacant properties
  • Vehicle & fenced compounds
  • Substations / utilities
  • Cell towers, remote facilities, mines, gravel pits
  • Agriculture
  • Solar farms
  • Copper theft
  • Industrial
  • Church roofs

Videofied 4G from Webeye, affordable, portable, anywhere

Once triggered Videofied 4G with webeyecms delivers an alarm notification and a video clip to the right people within seconds. The indoor and outdoor PIRs have integrated cameras which generate 10 second video clips upon activation.

Videofied 4G products can integrate with the award winning webeyecms cloud alarm platform allowing the alarms and video clips to be sent directly to stake holders on their smartphones and/or to a control room where an operator can view and manage alarms through a simple web browser (no expensive hardware or software required).

Notification of an alarm is sent to all recipients simultaneously and virtually immediately. If no one acknowledges the notification webeyecms re-sends the notification every 10 minutes for up to 2 hours or until someone confirms receipt.

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Burglar detected by motion viewer
Alert sent wirelessly to alarm panel
Alert and/or video sent from panel to webeyecms
webeyecms processes and automatically distributes and delivers alert
Notification sent simultaneously to ALL stakeholders
Use the verification to catch the criminal!

Webeye is alone in providing full training and comprehensive customer support

Videofied 4G products bought from Webeye benefit from unbeatable technical support and thorough product training is available. If you incorporate Videofied 4G with webeyecms you’ll have a complete security solution which integrates audio and video verification with a robust and secure method to deliver alarm notifications directly to the right people.

Fire! Flood! Breakages - We've also got it covered.

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