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The integration of the webeyecms smart delivery platform now gives an added dimension to Hikvision’s innovative CCTV solutions

Hikvision with Webeye

Hikvision is a leading manufacturer of CCTV solutions that are easy to install with excellent image resolution. Hikvision has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with the industry’s strongest commitment to research and development. Webeye supplies Hikvision products and products bundles that are cost effective and best suited to improve alarm accuracy and reduce false alarms. The integration of webeyecms turns Hikvision’s highly regarded video surveillance equipment into fully functional alarm products.

Fully functional alarm products

An intrusion triggers an alert which is then processed by the platform which acts as a virtual monitoring station by distributing alarms and videos to all stakeholders within seconds. Mobile Guards or field operatives can receive alerts on their mobile device, for example and the central control room will receive on their computer browser to manage and control events and initiate responses. Recipients will receive a 20 second video (5 second pre-alarm / 15 second post alarm) with the option to switch to live view.

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Burglar detected by PIR/Hikvision Camera
Alert sent to NVR
Alert/Video sent from NVR to webeyecms
webeyecms processes and automatically distributes and delivers alert
Notification sent simultaneously to ALL stakeholders
Use the verification to catch the criminal!

Deep Learning technology to enhance the security industry

Hikvision’s DeepInMind and DeepInView product range combined with webeye’s smart delivery platform are the perfect fit for improving alarm accuracy and reducing false alarms. The ‘Deep Learning’ concept imitates human synaptic learning and memory processes, the advanced algorithms achieve astonishingly accurate and consistent Video Content Analytics (VCA) performance. The products effectively filter out alarms triggered by animals, leaves and inanimate objects with greater than 90% accuracy.

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