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Will webeye receive any alarm system?

At the moment no, only certain alarm systems are integrated into webeye, we are very close to concluding something called a ”Contact ID listener”. Theoretically this will allow us to take any IP or GPRS/3G panel that delivers the “Contact ID” alarm protocol to us. If you are unsure contact your security provider or if you are a security provider, contact us.

If I want to set up my own monitoring, is webeye expensive?

Far from it, webeye is cost effective. In fact it will cost you just your time to set up a monitoring facility with pricing tariffs that include no contract. This means you only pay a low monthly charge per system and only when the system is added and active on our platform.

I am a home owner, can I use webeye?

Absolutely, it’s suitable for everyone from a global international company with hundreds and thousands of systems to a single home owner. Contact your security provider and ask them to contact us and we will help them to get you set up right away.

How do I set up a monitoring service?

If you are a security provider or company with your own security staff, please contact us and we will discuss the best way forward to get you connected.

Why would we use webeye for guarding?

It's purpose made for guarding companies and is the only system anywhere in the world designed with your industry in mind. Webeye introduces something called integrated guarding to your business, it allows you to cover more sites using a combination of technology and guards at a fraction of the cost of traditional guarding. It will allow you to be more efficient, make savings and as such increase your margins, yet still provide a better service fit for this millennia.

What upfront costs are there when using webeye for guarding?

If your guards already have up to date smart phones, then the only costs are for the service, which is on a pay as you use basis. Otherwise, the upfront cost will be equipping your guards with low cost but modern smart phones.

Is the service expensive?

Far from it, a one month webeye service charge for a connected alarm system is about the same price as 1 hours pay for one of your guards*. However, because webeye creates a force multiplier per guard by effectively and efficiently directing your guards to the troubled areas, you need less guards to do more work.

* Sim card charges not included
How easy is it to set up?

The service is very easy, the installation of the alarm system is fairly easy but we recommend someone with some experience of alarms systems to install the hardware. If you wish we can provide training in this area. Once the hardware is installed then the rest takes a matter of minutes to set up and get alarms with video coming through to all of your relevant guarding staff.

I have different guards responsible for different regions, can webeye filter alarms so only the people that need to receive them get them, but without bothering the others?

Absolutely, imagine any combination of monitoring you like and with webeye you can set it up in minutes. It works using a tiered grouping structure. For example, if you have several alarm systems, you add them to a single group on webeye. You now have several guards needing to receive alarms from the previously created group, to do this add the guards to webeye by creating webeye users within the same group. Now those alarm systems are filtered to those guards. If you have different alarm systems needing to go to different guards, create a new group and repeat the process. There is a lot more you can do with the system as it is very versatile.

We subcontract guards and a monitoring station to monitor the alarms on our sites, will this work through our subcontractors?

Absolutely, we can work through your contractor and arrange everything through them. Otherwise, there are 4 options to choose from:

  • Connect the hardware to your chosen monitoring station using their monitoring software
  • Connect the hardware to your chosen monitoring station and we will provide them with a webeye account, which they can use to handle everything through webeye
  • Connect the hardware to webeye and we will deliver alarms straight to your guarding company along with you, if you wish. All they need is a smart phone. (Android or Apple*)
  • Connect the hardware to webeye and we will deliver alarms straight to your own security staff, control room or both. Additionally, if they do not respond, we can escalate the alarm to a chosen monitoring station

* Android supports both the webeyecms application and the webeyesos/trackme applications. iPhone only supports the webeyecms application.
We employ our own on site security staff, can we send alarms directly to them?

Provided they have access to a smart phone (Android or Apple*) with a connection to the internet (a data package), then yes alarms can be sent straight to your on site staff.

* Android supports both the webeyecms application and the webeyesos/trackme application. iPhone only supports the webeyecms application.
Is the service difficult to use or understand?

Not at all, we recommend you use a security professional to install the equipment. After hardware installation, the software is straight forward and easy to use.

Does webeye support fire, heat and flood?

Yes, webeye supports these event types.

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