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Portable Video Security

Ultra-rapid deployment system using the power of webeyecms

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Easy deploy portable base station


Battery-powered HD Cameras


Solar-powered trouble-free operation


Monitoring with unlimited cloud storage


Battery health notifications


Built-in anti-theft tracker

Protect and monitor large sites in minutes

Then be alerted of events as they happen with high definition video. webeyego, in tandem with the webeyecms video alarm handling & management platform, is the most potent portable CCTV solution when you need complete site protection - quickly

Monitor from anywhere

Once triggered, webeyego sends a video clip of the intrusion to your webeyecms browser or app, then live-link to view the event in real-time.

Easy to deploy with fewer call-outs

webeyego combines battery-powered equipment re-charged by efficient solar panels for trouble-free operation. You’ll be remotely monitoring vulnerable sites in minutes, and the extensive battery life means fewer call-outs. The complete, end-to-end video security solution is small enough to transport in a small vehicle, so just one person can quickly move and set up in new locations when needed.

Webeyego Browser

The webeyego EZIVIZ Compact kit uses wi-fi 2MP cameras.

The kit has everything you need for fast and discreet site monitoring.

  • 4x 2MP webeyecms ready EZVIZ wi-fi cameras (additional camera kits available)
  • 4x 10W solar panels to re-charge each camera
  • 1 x Weatherproof Case with 200Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable Battery, 4G LTE Router & GPS Tracker
  • 50W solar panel to re-charge the base station
  • 12V 20A solar controller to regulate the charge from the panel to the battery
  • 100MB SIM Card for the tracker (low-cost monthly subscription charge)
  • 12GB SIM Card for the router (low-cost monthly subscription charge)
  • Mounting brackets and fixings for the solar panels and cameras
  • Mounting brackets and fixings for the solar panels and cameras
  • All connecting cables, fuses and mains power connectors
  • webeyecms cloud VSaaS platform (low-cost monthly subscription charge).
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EZVIZ Equipment
Webeyego App

webeyego EZVIZ app

The webeyego EZIVIZ kit has a free app to make setting up simple. Download to configure the system, such as remotely set the camera’s PIR sensitivity or check for wi-fi and battery strength.

Webeye Installer

webeyecms video alarm handling & management platform

Your video alarm notifications are sent via the webeyecms cloud and viewed and managed through your webeyecms browser or app. webeyecms is a cloud VSaaS platform that takes the hassle out of managing alarms with no installation charges, no annual licencing fee or minimum contract. It is a complete automation platform that, for a small monthly fee per system has the power to handle all your video alarms and can be used as a self-monitoring solution or escalated to one of our approved monitoring stations.

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iPhone with App

Efficient cloud hosted service to monitor and deliver video alarm notifications

View video alarms from your webeyego kit in the webeyecms browser or convenient mobile app. The seamless integration means you’ll be viewing and managing all your alarm traffic in one easy platform within seconds.

  • Easy set up
  • Reduces complexity
  • Low monthly charge
  • Generates Recurring Monthly Revenue
  • Powerful alarm management tool
  • Performs system health check
  • A.I. to verify genuine intrusions
  • Easy-view alarm history
  • Scales to any size of business
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