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webeyeCMS is the intelligent approach to receiving and managing video alarms

webeyeCMS delivers video alarm notifications in seconds to all stakeholders with unbeatable reliability. The seamless integration means you’ll be viewing video alarms and live footage from your CCTV on the webeyeCMS browser or app within seconds.

Integrators / Installers

Turn your CCTV into monthly recuring revenue

Central Monitoring Stations / Alarm Receiving Centers

Reduce work-load and eliminate false positives

The easy-to-use cloud technology improves the efficiency of monitoring stations. It helps installers/integrators strengthen the protection of construction sites, warehouses, empty properties, vulnerable and remote sites such as solar farms and farm buildings.

We can supply it with leading CCTV and intruder alarm systems to improve asset protection and personal safety.

webeyeCMS is the most reliable, robust and safe alarm receiving and monitoring platform.

It acts as a fully automated and virtual central monitoring solution to receive and manage all of your video alarms. It brings all of your video alarm traffic and management into one easy to use interface and is the world’s first virtual, fully automated virtual, fully automated central monitoring service.

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