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webeyeRAPID | Wireless home alarm system for professional installation

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Video option

A 5 second video of the intrusion is sent directly to the homeowner’s phone for effective self monitoring or it can be directed to an optional monitoring station.

Professional installation

We believe a professional security system needs a professional installation. We have a team of approved installers for quick and trouble-free installation.

Arm/disarm & trigger siren

Download the Webeye ‘In Home’ app to manage your RAPID alarm system from wherever you are. Protect your home with the reassurance of webeyeRAPID.

Fastest response

An alert is delivered to all stakeholder’s mobile devices within 3 seconds giving them valuable time to take appropriate action, such as calling the police.

An effective outdoor home alarm system that you monitor from your own mobile device

Stop the burglar before they break in and wreak havoc! The new webeyeRAPID detects and deters burglars before they gain access to the home. If a standard internal intruder alarm system activates intruders will still cause damage and steal belongings before you can respond.

The system comes as an outdoor PIR camera, alarm panel and peripherals.

To receive alarm notifications and video clips you'll need to download the Webeye In Home app.

The world's fastest home alarm system with unique alarm handling process

Our outdoor RAPID PIR cameras will detect motion and send an alarm and short colour video clip to a homeowner or optional monitoring station within 3 seconds. When configured with the multi-award winning webeyeCMS cloud alarm platform it allows alarms to be self-monitored via the 'In Home app' on one or more smartphones and/or by a professional monitoring station.

The app allows an outdoor siren to be triggered remotely (or automatically) to scare away any would be burglars before they get the chance to fully inspect the property for potential entry points.

Other features available through the In Home app from Webeye include remote arm/disarm, photo look in, event notification (e.g. arm/disarm), and event log access.

The system also comes with a full range of standard wireless alarm peripherals including internal PIR cameras and a panic watch.

Burglar detected by motion viewer
Alert sent wirelessly to alarm panel
webeyeCMS processes and automatically distributes and delivers alert
Notification sent simultaneously to ALL stakeholders

Extras for when one size doesn't fit all

Additional to the outdoor PIR camera and panel, the system also comes with a full range of wireless alarm peripherals including internal
PIR cameras and a panic watch for added reassurance to more vulnerable customers.

Why settle for a standard home alarm system when you can have the added reassurance of webeyeRAPID.

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