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webeyeCMS with PADARC, our unique alarm escalation process, has been awarded a UK Patent

"We’re pleased to announce PADARC is now webeyeCMS’s fully patented alarm process."

What makes webeyeCMS ultimately different from all other monitored systems is this unique automated alarm process.

  1. The alarm signals from your panel are sent to the ultra-reliable and intelligent webeyeCMS alarm platform.
  2. The patented process now starts by getting those signals to the right people in the fastest and most reliable way.
  3. PADARC doesn’t stop there, it monitors those people to ensure they receive the alarm signal and uniquely, it also checks who viewed and acknowledged receipt of the signal.

To help this process the alarm recipients download a simple to use app that interacts with the platform to send confirmation messages back and forth. These confirmation messages are interpreted by the platform as a successful receipt of the alarm signals and removes any doubt as to whether the alarm process was a success or failure.

The patented process has been designed, developed and is hosted by British developers and technicians. It has a proven 6 year 100% reliability record and they work tirelessly to ensure the solution is the fastest, safest and most reliable way to protect your property and assets.

webeyeCMS incorporating PADARC is an industry-leading professional system with major global customers. We now aim to expand this already successful commercial security solution into the residential market. We’re calling all installers and integrators to share in our success story and be rest assured they will become part of the most secure, reliable, innovative, technologically advanced, yet simple to use alarm solutions in the world.”

Clive Mason. Managing Director.

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