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The launch of our new and improved lone worker and personal safety app, surpasses the requirements of BS8484

We are proud to announce our new and improved webeyesos app is now available on both Android and iPhone.

Compliance with BS8484 the British standard for lone worker solutions should mean you are in good hands and protected,


You might think you have a guardian angel, but if you are in a poor reception area, with no phone/data signal and have cause to press of the alarm button, NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN! What’s worse, you are left oblivious to this fact as the devices/apps simply don’t tell you. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your life.

BS8484 places no requirement on manufacturers or software developers to build these safety mechanisms into their products, so they don’t. Here at Webeye we put you and your clients, not the standards or the profit first. We have gone the extra mile. The app regularly checks for satellites, a phone data service and that it can connect to our award winning alarm platform and if for any reason it cannot, then the user is told in real time and not when it’s too late.

This critical feature is not required by BS8484 and means we are possibly the first supplier of such a solution to not only comply with the standard but surpass it. In addition to this we have, Mandown, check in and Duress features all of which add to the protection.

We also send the alarm to loved ones and track that they both received and viewed it. There are many other critical features that provide the user with reassurances that we do everything in our power to protect them and make them feel as safe as we can.

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