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Webeye assured - Peace of mind for residential security

Leicestershire couple invest in webeye after a distressing burglary.

The re-assured customer writes - “After returning home from a lovely holiday in Portugal my partner was the first to enter our home and shouted ‘we’ve been burgled.’ The burglars had managed to smash through our back door and entered through the conservatory, although the house was in complete darkness you could still see it had been completely ransacked.

We attempted to turn on a light for a second time but realised they had cut the power off. I felt physically sick with the thought of somebody rummaging through our personal belongings and horrified with just how much they had taken, including our car which they had used as a get away. It took weeks before I could face even entering the property and felt adamant we were selling the house and moving out!

My partner knew the strength of my feelings so decided to look into some sort of alarm system that would hopefully make me feel more at ease. It was at this point we heard about Webeye alarm systems and decided to look into it further. I can honestly say getting it installed was the best thing we ever did. The staff on the phone were so friendly and helpful, explaining everything to us in great detail. We decided on a camera to the front of the house and two set up at the rear of the property and a camera in the living room.

My worst fear was leaving to go to work and coming home either to find the house in the same state again or worse still somebody being in our home and me not knowing. This alarm system has an app which you can download to your phone. If the alarm were to go off for any reason it would ring your mobile and a video would pop up of your home at that exact time, It will show you who or what has set it off. I can now leave the house with the peace of mind that if my phone hasn’t rang then I know the alarm hasn’t activated and nobody would be or have been in our home. Not only does it record a video if the alarm is going off, you can also request the cameras to take pictures of your house at that moment which are also sent through to your phone. My partner works away a lot and the thought of being home alone without this alarm system now absolutely terrifies me. We are both so grateful to Webeye for providing us with such an excellent system and would recommend Webeye to anyone wanting an alarm.”

Webeye assured. Automated monitored security solution for the residential market

webeye assured offers home owners and small businesses a low-cost and reliable method to remotely control their security system using their smart phone, tablet or computer.

In home security speed and reliability is of the essence to catch the criminal! In response we have developed the webeye assured intrusion alarm system. Our highly regarded alarm system is based around either the SWIFT wireless panel or the RAPID wired system with a choice of communication technologies. The basic system comes with wireless ancillaries, either 2x or 4x Pet immune PIRs, 1x Panel, 1x Keypad (integrated within the RAPID panel) and 1x door contact. Options at additional cost include a siren, internal and/or external cameras, brackets, heat and smoke detectors. Working into the famous webeye cms automated alarm platform, together they offer the world’s fastest alarm delivery.

Once activated, alarms are received on your smart phone typically in 3 seconds (RAPID)

Domestic systems usually rely on a bell or siren to alert your neighbours in the hope someone will respond (or more likely ignore!). The industry can offer a monitored solution with the alarm going to a manned monitoring station who act on your behalf. This can be expensive and prolonged as your alarm may take 20 minutes or more to be answered. Some self monitored systems do send alarms to your mobile but can’t guarantee you receive the message. The webeye cms automated alarm platform combines the benefits of a monitored solution but with added reassurance. Our system never takes a holiday, goes off sick or takes comfort breaks and can respond to any number of alarms immediately. Because we call and alert you directly, you can identify if it really is an intruder or just your teenager coming home after a late night. You have the added benefit of identifying the movements of any intruder through the house in real time plus the system records and notes all actions and will keep trying until you acknowledge the call – all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional monitored solution.

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