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New webeyeRAPID wireless outdoor alarm system for homes and small businesses.

The new webeyeRAPID intruder alarm system focuses on detecting and deterring burglars before they gain access to the home. The chances are that even if a standard internal intruder alarm system activates an intruder will still cause damage and steal valuable belongings before vacating the property.

The outdoor PIR cameras use quad PIR technology to keep false alarms down to an absolute minimum. Outdoor sirens can be activated manually from the app/control room.

Our multi-award winning webeyeCMS cloud based alarm platform allows alarms to be self -monitored via an app on one or more smartphones and/or by a professional monitoring station.

As well as offering advantages for the home owner the webeyeRAPID system also allows installers to stand out from the crowd by offering a higher value alternative to a standard intruder system. The system also comes with a full range of standard wireless alarm peripherals including internal PIR cameras and a panic watch.

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