Introducing the new all-in-one webeye alarm & monitoring system digital recorders
With our ever increasing arsenal to defeat the criminal and create a safer world, webeye has pioneered digital recorder alarm systems with revolutionary unique features, such as the ability to arm and disarm from your mobile phone or through your browser. We’ve incorporated a timeline function so you can immediately pinpoint the time of any intrusion, eliminating the need to trawl through hours of video footage.
Once activated the webeye alarm system webeye alarm system digital recorder sends a short video clip of your premises directly to your mobile device or browser. The full system is easily installed and allows you to verify any site you might have with the touch of a button and puts them in an alarm status queue. Because webeye alarms are verified via a short video clip within seconds it virtually eliminates false alarms. This has an additional benefit to the emergency services as well; call outs for false alarms costs hundreds of millions of pounds a year.
Unbeatable price.
Given that the webeye alarm system digital recorder is an all-in-one solution it costs well below the price of installing a traditional alarm and CCTV cameras. This, along with the additional benefits and unique features, means customers get much more for their money and the ability to protect a number of premises quickly and painlessly.