webeyeSOS -
Guarding and Lone worker protection solution
In personal safety it's what our competitors fail to tell you that's most important!
We make sure you don’t put your lone workers in unprotected danger.
Your Personal Safety Device may have all the features in the world, but if you can’t be absolutely sure you’re connected, it’s useless -
no connection = no protection.
With webeyeSOS, if your guards or lone workers feel threatened or in danger, you'll never be left guessing their whereabouts again!

Working to either iPhone or Android and through the webeye browser or to other enabled phones, once triggered, it tracks the whereabouts of the worker. Should they feel threatened or in danger he or she presses the SOS ‘help’ panic button OR discreetly press the phone’s power button OR shake the phone which immediately sends an alert to the other enabled devices where their location is identified and tracked in real time. This super-fast and super-reliable application is an invaluable tool that greatly improves the safety of staff.

An addition to the webeyeSOS app, and an ideal compliment, is the webeyeSOS track me management function which allows you to monitor and track the movements of your staff. Once they reach a site they press the track me button enabling you to follow their route in real time and verify their actions.

WebeyeSOS phones.
webeyeSOS -
Lone worker protection solution
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Have a personal safety device already? Are you absolutely sure your current app or bespoke device has all these critical features?
  • Reassures you of the service availability. We challenge the phone network, world wide web and our own alarm platform in real time, and alert you of any failure thus allowing you to avoid putting yourself into harms way
  • Tells you if GPS is unavailable, so you can pass your location in advance by telephone before proceeding into an unsafe area
  • The webeyeCMS platform independently detects loss of communication to your phone allowing the platform to take alternative action including sending a text message, or informing someone else
  • Send SOS alarm by discreetly pressing your phone’s power button OR by shaking the phone OR pressing the large on-screen button
  • Tells you the alert has been sent, but more importantly that the webeyeCMS platform has successfully received it
  • Alerts you that someone is viewing your alarm
  • Sends 10 seconds of recorded audio from point of alarm, to assist verification of a real problem
  • Continuously transmits your location whilst in an alarm, not only stating where you were, but also where you are now
  • We send all information to Android and iOS smartphone, tablets and browsers
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SOS features
webeyeSOS key features
Alarm Transmission
On activating the alarm the user’s GPS location and identity are transmitted via GPRS to webeyeCMS cloud platform.
The competition fail to tell you that there can often be a problem between the phone mast and the world wide web, meaning your handset is implying all is well but in reality the signal cannot reach the outside world. Uniquely we inform the user of this type of problem so walking blindly into harms way can be avoided.
Quick Download and Easy Installation
The software is easily and quickly downloaded from either Apple’s App Store or Google play.
Our developers have done all the hard work so you don’t have too. The app has an attractive, clear and easy to use interface.
GPS and data check
webeyeSOS informs you if the internet, webeyeCMS platform or GPS cannot be accessed in real time.
Because we’re the only lone worker solution to tell you there is a communications problem, you’re able to to phone someone in advance to pass on your location before proceeding into any potential danger zone.
Keypad Lock Override
Pressing the power button, or shaking the phone will override the handset’s keypad lock, allowing the user to raise the alarm quickly during any emergency situation.
webeyeSOS uses your own smart phone. This makes it an in-expensive solution that is discreet and uniquely has three methods of raising an alarm.
Audio clip
On raising an alarm, a 10 second clip of audio is recorded and sent to assist the verification of a real problem.
The audio clip offers added reassurance. The clip is sent to all recipients as an extra safety feature built into webeyeSOS.
Comprehensive Status Screen
The webeyeSOS screen immediately shows the user what the system is doing by just glancing at the screen. We give you an up-to-date status of the webeyeCMS alarm platform, GPS and GPRS connection.
We also give an audible warning if any part of the system should fail or a covert vibration warning when that is more appropriate or both.
Secure Login
webeyeSOS uses a secure login, so only those designated to use it, can use it.
Because webeyeSOS is a professional solution, the login verifies only a designated person can use the handset. This assists the audit trail and the ID of the user.
Full Audit Trail
All calls and actions are digitally recorded on our secure servers at various world-wide locations as well as your phone, should they be needed as evidence.
webeyeSOS maintains a full audit trail. Your alarm history can be accessed though either the browser or from your handset. It not only tells you when an alarm was sent but also who viewed it (browser version only).
Help Menu
The screen has an intuitive Help menu to explain the functions of webeyeSOS. It also comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to explain the more advanced features.
webeyeSOS has many additional features for added safety and reassurance. The useful help menu navigates you through the many features that could be potentially life saving.
webeyeSOS additional safety features available for small additional cost
webeyeSOS has an additional safety feature called ‘man-down’. The system monitors for any period of in-activity and sends an alert if the user fails to respond.
webeyeSOS can check if the user is motionless. For example if the user falls and is lying unconscious and unable to respond, the system will raise an alarm.
webeyeSOS can ask the user to ‘check-in’ every 20 minutes (or whatever time scale you set) to make sure they are OK. Failure to check-in will trigger an alert.
For added reassurance, if the user is in a particularly vulnerable area you can request they check-in every few minutes - usually 20 minutes. If the user is in trouble and unable to check in an alarm is automatically raised.
With webeyeSOS track me you won't be left guessing the whereabouts of staff and lone workers.
webeyeSOS track me -
Management tracking and monitoring function
  • Enables managers to track and verify workers movements
  • Registration with webeye cms platform
  • Activate from on-screen button
  • Monitor in real time on webeye cms browser
Webeyesos track me
How webeyeSOS works
  1. On setting up a contract you down load the webeyeSOS app to your smart phone.
  2. If you then feel threatened or in danger you hit the large SOS panic button or discreetly press the handset's power button or shake the phone.
  3. Upon activation an alert is triggered and an alarm sent to the webeye browser and any number of webeye cms enabled smart phones.
  4. Your location and movement is tracked every 10 seconds for 10 minutes or longer if required.
  5. Your phone covertly vibrates every 30 seconds to inform you the alert has been received and action is being taken!
How webeyeSOS track me works -
  1. Enable your guard’s or lone worker’s smart phone with the webeyeSOS track me app.
  2. When the worker reaches the site they press the track me button.
  3. Upon activation their location and movement is tracked via the webeye browser or a webeye cms enabled smart phone for 30 minutes (which can be extended) or until the track me button is turned off.
Webeyesos tracking
  • Increased security for guards and lone workers
  • Ideal monitoring and verification tool (webeyeSOS track me)
  • Exceeds BS8484 on the app side
  • Monitor in real time for greater efficiency and reassurance
  • Unbeatable reliability and speed of alert delivery
  • Uses patent pending PADARC* technology
  • Accessible anywhere with internet connection
  • Alert duplicated via multiple servers around the world for complete peace of mind and security
  • Unlimited number of users
  • No investment in expensive hardware needed
  • Allows you to handle alerts as you see fit through the webeye cms browser
  • Fully audited
  • Delivers alert then continues to notify for non-response
  • No lone worker protection app offers this level of service
  • Highest quality product for an entry level price!
* Progressive Alarm Delivery and Alarm Response Confirmation