webeyedacs - access for only those who need it!

webeyedacs means you control the who, where and when! The webeye digital access control system (webeyedacs) is an innovative new product in the increasing webeye arsenal to defeat the criminal. It has been designed to offer sophisticated entry code and property management information ideally suited for vacant properties or those who need to monitor access.

Keys remain one of property managers biggest headaches. Key collection, delivery and returns (or non-returns!) cause needless, frustrating and sometimes expensive delays, they are difficult to manage and often culminate in a costly lock change. Our revolutionary webeyedacs is simple to use, easy to manage and gives a comprehensive audit trail of what is happening at your property.

With this system you can allow key staff and contractors to enter multiple sites with their individual security code, issue a code for a day, a week or a defined period with controlled hours and days of entry.

webeyedacs also enables the user to:
  • Turn on or off the alarm with the webeye alarm system interface.
  • Log every action
  • Produce a site attendance record
  • Obtain a photographic record of who enters when using a wireless video alarm
  • View attempted misuse
  • Record security inspections
  • Close down system completely over holiday periods
Magagement control
  • Monitor who entered each property
  • See when they entered and left (exit code required) which can validate time sheets
  • Timed arrival of contractors, guards or cleaners
  • Activity history of each contractor and their sub-contractors
  • Innovation meeting property insurance requirements and housing management best practice to achieve KPI’s
Convert any key-door into the webeyedacs access control functionality
  • With our digital lock converter almost any key operated lock can be temporarily or permanently converted to a digital lock with the lock conversion unit.
  • Alarm interface with the webeye system
  • Wireless and long term battery powered
  • Convert any Europrofile or Chubb-style lock to digital keyless operation
  • No damage or fixings to the door
  • Automatic arm / disarm when the property is entered
  • webeyedacs digital access control functionality
  • Authorised staff issued unique webeyedacs PIN codes with additional short term and 24-hour codes also available
  • SD card download of all activity at the property including door movement
  • Internal thumb-turn for keyless exit
  • Lock-out facility preventing entry if glass is broken
webeyedacs door lock
Management control through your browser or mobile phone
Simple keyless access control
Photographic time stamped entry record
webeyedacs puts you in control
  • Alarm interface with webeye
  • Unique personalised webeyedacs PIN number for all voids
  • Multiple access levels to voids to enhance security
  • Features webeyedacs digital access control technology
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly - universal to all webeyedacs products
  • Detailed management information on all activity at the void
  • British designed and manufactured