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What do I get with my free trial?
After discussing your needs with our sales team, you’ll gain access to the full webeyeSOS app available from the app store or google play depending on what sort of handset you own. The solution is easy to install and use but you’ll also have full support from our Technical Support Team (8.00am to 6.30pm GMT/BST).
What happens at the end of the trial?
Throughout the trial of our service we’ll be there to support you. If you’re happy to continue you’ll transfer to a PAYG** £6.00* monthly subscription per enabled smart phone. There is no hard sell or lengthy contract period so your subscription can be cancelled at any time. There is a one off £9.00 connection fee* on transfer to your paid service.
What do I need to send an alarm?
Firstly you'll need to download the webeyeSOS app from either Apple’s App Store or Google play depending on your phone. Your smart phone then becomes a fully functioning personal safety device where you can raise an alarm by pressing the power button, shaking the phone or pressing the large help on screen button.
Who receives the alarm?
You designate which colleagues, friends and family receive the alarm but they’ll need to download the free webeyeCMS app to their smart phone or view it via the webeyeCMS portal on their computer. The app is easy to install and use but don’t worry, if you wish, the no-cost technical support team are on hand to help and guide you and your friends through the process. There is no charge or limit to the number of people who can receive the alert so now you just need to request the FREE webeyeSOS trial.
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Register now and for 30 days you’ll have full access to our 24/7 personal safety solution. To receive your free trial, we just need a few details from you. Once completed, one of our team will contact you to get you started as soon as possible.
Prices stated are for the UK only. If outside the UK refer to your regional vendor for latest prices.
* Including VAT ** Pay as you go (Direct Debit)
Security industry
Public Sector
Utilities including energy & water
Medical & Healthcare including nursing homes
Outdoor sectors including agriculture & forestry
Seaports & airports
Chemicals industry
Distribution of high value or high risk goods