Why choose webeye cms?

webeye cms is the key to a more robust security program. Integrate it into our sensor activated camera system and it serves as a force-multiplier to a security officer or mobile response team. Many businesses want to increase security coverage by adding additional officers, but often face budgetary constraints. webeye serves as a highly effective guard enhancement solution that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of adding additional security staff. Alternatively, it can be utilized to deliver cost reductions to an existing program and can potentially eliminate unnecessary shifts or patrols while enhancing, not reducing, the quality of your security program.

Unbeatable reliability

The unparallelled levels of checks and balances in webeye cms make sure it is the most reliable and secure on the market. The solution also has benefits to the emergency services because call outs for false alarms cost the emergency services hundreds of millions of pounds a year. With this solution, alarms are verified via a short video clip within seconds virtually eliminating false alarms altogether.

Unbeatable price

To offer the most effective security program you need professional security personnel with the latest technology solutions working together seamlessly. webeye has developed advanced industry leading technology solutions that help you fit within your clients’ budgets. All you need is one of our alarm systems which is integrated into webeye and a computer connected to the internet and/or a smart phone or tablet (iPhone or Android) communicating with our webeye platform.

Guarding and lone worker protection app.
Never compromise the Safety Of Staff
webeye RSI
From RSI Videofied it is the world's fastest selling wireless and battery operated video security solution
Digital access control system. Ideal for void properties, it gives access for only those who need it!
Guarding vs. guarding + webeye

The example below is based on servicing 10 rural sites and operating 2 teams, each covering 5 sites. If you operate a reactive guarding service with webeye your only additional costs would be the webeye service and a one off cost to install one of our wireless video systems on site. This means you could more than double the sites you operate without increasing your overheads and offer a more reliable and efficient service.

Guarding example
Our cloud based alarm management web portal will allow you to provide a world class service for less!

All you need is:

  1. An alarm system integrated into webeye (including video alarms)
  2. A computer connected to the internet and/or a smart phone or tablet (iPhone or Android)

- No expensive software infrastructure
- No expensive hardware alarm receiving infrastructure

If you join the webeye revolution
  • See your revenue increase!
  • See your overheads fall!
  • Provide an even more effective service!
  • Provide an even more efficient service!
  • Our system can boast an industry beating 99.97% reliability record
  • Easy to install, rapidly deployable, inexpensive and robust!
  • Simple & straightforward
  • Configurable & flexible
  • Robust & reliable