What will I need?

For total security and reassurance in the construction and utility sector webeye is the complete package. Along with your own computer and smart phone you will need to integrate webeye with one of our inexpensive webeye CCTV alarm systems and have it installed on your site. We also have exciting world beating products and services to bring a whole new level to personnel safety and access control, all with the added bonus of saving time and reducing costs!

webeyeRSI - CCTV alarm systems
Webeye RSI from RSI Videofied is a completely wireless and battery operated video security solution, incorporating an alarm panel, internal and external cameras and internal PIRs. Lightweight and portable, the system can be easily installed, removed or relocated, without the need for invasive wiring or complex installations.   Find Out More >
webeyeSOS - Personal protection solution
webeyeSOS is a new personal protection and safety solution for lone workers, guards or anyone who may find themselves alone in a public or private place and feeling vulnerable. Click to find out what makes webeyeSOS the most reliable, secure and cost effective cloud based guard and lone worker monitoring system in the world.   Find Out More >
webeyedacs - Access control system
The webeye digital access control system (webeyedacs) has been designed to offer sophisticated entry code and property management information ideally suited for vacant properties. Access for only those who need it! - You control the who, where & when.   Find Out More >
Guarding and lone worker protection app.
Never compromise the Safety Of Staff
webeye RSI
From RSI Videofied it is the world's fastest selling wireless and battery operated video security solution
Digital access control system. Ideal for void properties, it gives access for only those who need it!
What will I need?